Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tigerpede Joins the Arena!

The Warlock's Journal has departed the offices of Flying Hare Productions, and after our crack team of translators were through deciphering the strange symbols, it has been determined that the missing entry was the Tigerpede.

The Tigerpede, Iron Shadow Hound, and Myrmillios all fought for the right to be put into the updated Fields of Blood and Honor later this year. So a survey was taken where people were asked to rank them from first to third place. After the first round of voting, the Tigerpede and Iron Shadow Hound were tied with 40% of the first place votes each. So the Myrmillios with only 20% was eliminated, and the second place votes from Myrmillios voters were considered. After that second round of voting, the Tigerpede proved victorious. As a result, Marques will be listed as a contributing writer to the updated book and will receive three complimentary copies. Congratulations, Marques!

This is the link to the final PDF, showing the entries and who contributed them.

Stay tuned to see where the Warlock's Journal goes next month!

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