Monday, December 23, 2013

Guest Random Table: 20 Potential Arena Opponents for a Greco-Roman Fantasy Setting

If you need a quick melee opponent for a fantasy setting that supports Greek and Roman-style warriors, roll 1d20 and consult the following table:
1.       Bandit
2.       Barbarian
3.       Bear
4.       Centaur
5.       Centurion
6.       Cestarius (Cestus)
7.       Cyclops
8.       Dimachaerus
9.       Hoplite
10.   Hoplomachus
11.   Laquearius
12.   Legionnaire
13.   Lion
14.   Minotaur
15.   Murmillo
16.   Ogre
17.   Retiarius
18.   Samnite
19.   Secutor
20.   Wolf

The "human-style" gladiator types are found in the current version of Fields of Blood and Honor. The others will be available when the file becomes updated in 2014. The updated file will cost more, but if you get your file now you will get free updates for life. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Plans for future expansion

Fields of Blood and Honor, available at
I want to thank everyone who has added this product to their game. I am looking forward to hearing how the information here is making your games better.

There are two main plans for expansion in the coming year. One is to create a new product to cover gladiator academies and the politics of arenas. As mentioned in the book above, arenas are a focal point for people and capture the attention not just of the player characters, but also the area in which they are built. So if there are academies of gladiators, some of them will become fan favorites, and with that popularity comes influence. With that influence comes the desire to wield it for other purposes, such as political, economic, or military power. The new book (title not yet determined) will deal with these considerations.

The second expansion will be to add gladiator types to the original Fields of Blood and Honor. This will come in the form of unusual races (ogres, centaurs, etc.) and animals in the arena. It will follow the format of the gladiator types already in the book. If you have a specific entry you want to see in this expansion, contact me directly.

Once the second expansion is added to the book, the cost will go up to reflect the added content. But anyone who has purchased the current book will receive a link to the updated version for free. So if you haven't purchased it yet, it makes sense to get in now before the update to take advantage of this offer.

Again, thank you for your support!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcome to the Fields of Blood and Honor!

This blog is the companion to Flying Hare Productions' book Fields of Blood and Honor: Using Gladiator Arenas in Fantasy Games. Upcoming product information, updates, clarifications, and other tidbits will be announced here. Use the comments section to suggest topics, ask questions, or provide feedback on confusing or uninteresting portions of the published material.