Thursday, February 12, 2015

Warlock's Journal Contest 17: Potion Recipe

The Warlock's Journal has returned to Flying Hare Productions! The theme this time has nothing to do with gladiators. Instead, people are asked to come up with a potion, complete with description and recipe. Entries are to be submitted to subject to the following guidelines:

  • 500 word maximum
  • Entries must include the potion name, description, and recipe
  • The description includes the physical properties of the potion as well as the effect of the potion (make something invisible, cause someone to fall in love, etc.)
  • The recipe is a step-by-step guide to making the potion (what ingredients to use, how to mix them, etc.)
  • Entries accepted through February 24th
  • Voting will be made available afterward through SurveyMonkey and will be open until March 3rd.
  • Voters will be asked to rank the entries, and the entry with the best average ranking will win a $15 DriveThru gift certificate.
  • Entries must be system-neutral, meaning they can be used for any game system. If you want to include stats for a particular game system, you may do so as an appendix that does not count toward the word count limit. The appendix will not be made public until after the voting is complete but will be part of the final PDF.
  • Names of entrants will be kept anonymous until after the voting is completed.
  • Entrants retain rights to their submission, but by entering the contest, the entrant grants Warlock's Journal the right to publish this entry as part of this contest, and any future compilations.
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Don't delay! Enter today!

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